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Head Gear

Augmented Reality

Welcome to Head Gear, the next generation in Augmented Reality. Head Gear is an absolutely unique mobile experience that lets you explore who you can be. Head Gear uses real time, cutting edge face tracking technology to overlay a virtual image on top of your head.

Utilizing best in class, revolutionary face tracking technology, Head Gear harnesses your phones power and allows you to create a blended reality as you see it. Explore Sports, Horror, Humor, Glasses, and Science Fiction, with more categories and Head Gear being added all the time!

Wave Alarm

Motion Control Alarm Clock

Wave Alarm is a revolutionary Alarm Clock application that will change the way you wake up! Utilizing Motion Control and detection, you never need to touch your phone again in the morning to turn off the alarm or to snooze, just wave your hand over the device when the alarm is sounding, and Wave Alarm will snooze or silence the alarm for you!

Besides revolutionary motion control, wave alarm features:

  • Real Time Weather Real Time Weather so you know what to expect before you get out of bed
  • Brightness Control Simple brightness control by dragging up or down
  • Music Ability to wake up to music from your iPod library
  • Modern Interface Beautiful, modern interface with both analog and digital features
  • 10 Alarm Sounds 10 Beautiful alarms sounds to choose from
  • Background Alarms Background alarms, so you never miss a wake up

Wave Timer

Hands Free Timer

Wave Timer is not your ordinary kitchen timer. Wave Timer is something new… Wave Timer is a hands free timer, allowing you to turn off the alarm with the wave of your hand. With Wave Timer, you never have to touch your phone to disable the alarm, just wave off it off! No more getting your phone dirty as you cook, clean, exercise, or do just about anything where your hands may be busy!

Try Wave Timer and you won’t go back to those other ordinary timer apps ever again!